Animal Rescues all over the UK are in critical danger.

Animals are being abandoned at an alarming rate and rescues are struggling to keep them all safe.

Can you help a rescue by fostering, transporting or homechecking.

Nick Of Time is a forum dedicated to getting rescue animals into homes and helping the rescues continue doing the great job that they do by getting them volunteers.
If you can help us to help them help more animals or are looking for a new pet from anywhere in the UK PLEASE read on to get more information and remember you can always ask us if there is anything else you'd like to know.


Animals who come into rescue need somewhere to stay till their forever home can be found and this is where you'd come in.

A rescue will talk to you to find out about your family including pets and humans alike to see whether they have an animal in their care that would be happy temporarily living with you.
A homecheck is then done to check for gaps in fences and talk to you more about what is expected from a foster family.

Then the animal is transported to you either by the rescue or via one of many volunteers (more on volunteering to transport on it's way) or perhaps you could go to collect the animal.

While in your care the rescues would like you to treat the animal as part of the family as much as possible. What better way to tell if a rescue animal is happy living with pets and children and what little quirks they have?
The rescue is still responsible for all vets bills during this time and sometimes even food and litter bills but do remember they are only small and most are run out of the rescue owners own pockets due to lack of donations.

When a forever home comes up then the new family would like to come to your home to see the animal.

If this sounds like something you are interested in please check out our fostering area for the latest animals needing a
foster home if you still have more questions either email us on or ask another fosterer



This is where rescues check the homes of future forever or foster parents. They give you a checklist to run through with the new owners/fosterers which includes how they plan to introduce the animal to their home and are they aware of what the rescues contract states among other things.
They also ask that you check the home for gaps in the fencing or safety aspects such as poisonous plants for animals.

The main point for a homecheck is common sense. Ask yourself the question "would I leave my animal with these people"

If you would like to go with someone to get experience of a homecheck this can also be arranged you just need to email with your area and we will let you know if a homecheck (HC) is taking place near you that you can tag along for.

Current homecheck requests can be found on the forum



Rescues need help getting animals from A to B. Whether it's from the pound/old owner to a rescue/fosterer or sometimes from the rescue to a new home. There are even times when the rescue needs help getting the animal to the vets if the fosterer has no transport.

We only ask you to do as much as you are able to do whether it be 50 miles or 200 miles. There are even times where petrol can be reimbursed although obviously these depends on each rescue and each run. Don't be afraid to ask though if this is an issue.

Don't be afraid to say no either, if the run is too far to go or too far out of your area, we will just keep looking.

Current transport requests can also be found on the

If either of these sound like something you can do either email us on or join the forum and participate in the fun.

Want to help but don't have time to be a member of the forum?

Just email your location to and we'll message you if something in your area comes up. We understand you might not be able to help each time but who knows which animal you can save the day you are able to help?

It only takes 2 minutes to read the email and decide if you can help.


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