Chester Cat Care - Rehoming cats within the Chester Area.
Cats Galore Rescue - Rehoming cats within the Flintshire Area
Greyhound Rescue, Shropshire and Borders - Helping Retired Greyhounds within the Shropshire area
The Little Dog Rescue - Helping small breeds of dog from all over the UK
Friends of the Animals RCT - Helping dogs and cats. Based in Wales but uses foster homes all over the UK
Feline Network - Based in Devon but helping cats via foster homes all over the UK
RACR - Based in Nottingham but has foster homes all over the UK. Deals with any animal that needs a home.
Farplace Animal Rescue - A no-kill sanctuary based in Co.Durham. Deals with sick animals.
Border Collie Trust GB - Kennels located in Staffordshire, rehoming border collies.
Walkies Dog Rescue - Located in South Wales, a qualified behaviourist and groomer who helps dogs in her area.
Loving Homes Dog Rescue - Located In Devon, these ladies mainly deal with pound dogs. Rehome around the Devon area.
Trallwm Farm Sanctuary - Located in S Wales, rehoming horses after dealing with any behavioural problems.
Cats Action Trust 1977 - Based In London rehoming cats.
Once Loved Dog Rescue - Based in Somerset but rehomes dogs all over the UK.
Cornwall And South Devon Boxer Rescue - Rehoming Boxer Dogs within the Cornwall and South Devon Area. - They work within London and surrounding counties.
Thorneywood Cat Rescue    

PLEASE NOTE: These rescues use our forum but this list is not exhaustive. Please contact us if you would like help finding the perfect friend within your travelling distance.


Links to other places of interest

Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource: Finding loving homes for thousands of rescued cats and kittens every year from shelters across the UK. Registered Charity no. 1100649. Website:

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