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CONTACTING US TO HOME A NEW PET OR TO FOSTER? Remember we need as much information as possible regarding your home. Such as whether you have children/pets. We also need to know what type of animal you are looking for. Breed/Age/Sex/Colours.

CONTACTING US TO REHOME YOUR PET? We have a form we will send to you once we've recieved your email.

A word of warning on the freeads 

If you are thinking of getting an animal from the freeads please do be aware of the following:

* People rehoming via the freeads may lie to you about the dogs behaviour. So you may be bringing a dog home that is meant to be ok with cats but attacks your cat. Now imagine that with children.

* Some of these "pets" may be from a backyard breeder. Don't know what a backyard breeder is? (See below)  These animals may not come to you neutered, vaccinated and microchipped which will cost £200+ depending on breed and sex of dog.

Thinking of rehoming your animal via the freeads?

While working with rescues We at Nick Of Time have heard some horror stories of animals rehomed via the freeads most recently being the story of Jenson who was rehomed on Gumtree and then found 13 hours later dead and covered in fighting wounds.

While we appreciate this maybe shocking to you we're sure you understand why we needed to bring that to your attention.

We'd like to make the following reccomendations:

* Don't advertise "Free to good home" put a price of £50 on your animal. You do not have to actually charge this to someone but the price alone helps to stop people taking your animal to either sell on, over-breed or use in dog fighting.
Remember dog-fighting isn't just a danger to dogs, they also use cats and other small animals as bait or rewards.

* Do a homecheck, any genuine animal lover will not have an issue you with you popping round to see where your beloved pet is going to live.
We at Nick Of Time have homecheck forms that we can send to you should you wish us to do that to help guide you.

* Consider putting a contract in place so that if things don't work our your animal is returned to you instead of being placed BACK on the freeads and running the risk again.

Most of all use your common sense. If you don't feel comfortable with the person asking to rehome your animal you are well within your rights to say no.

Your pet is depending on you to keep them safe and we will endeavour to give you the best tools to do this if you wish.

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